Gilad Atzmon

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Also a novelist, he is best known as a saxophonist and bandleader. His instruments include the saxophone, accordion, clarinet, zurna and flute. Dubbed the "hardest working man in British jazz", Atzmon has been known to play over 100 dates a year. He has been bandleader, successively, of the Gilad Atzmon Quartet, the Spiel Acid Jazz Band and the Orient House Ensemble. Exploring identity through the folk forms of diverse cultures, his bands and other projects have recorded around 20 albums. Since 1998, he has also been a member of the English rock band, The Blockheads. He has played on albums by Pink Floyd and Robert Wyatt and collaborated with other musicians on their recordings
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Saturday October 16, 4:15pm

  • > Gilad Atzmon - Reeds
  • > Ross Stanley - Piano
  • > Dave Whitford - Double Bass
  • > Clark Tracey - Drums
£15.00 regular
£12.00 members
£5.00 students