Dave Newton

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David Newton is, in Matt Skelton’s words, "one of our nation’s treasured pianists".
The man has a lovely touch; that is for certain. Scottish-born and educated at the Leeds College of Music, Newton’s recording career had begun in 1985 with Buddy De Franco and Martin Taylor and his first solo album was released in 1988.
He’s been the accompanist of choice for vocal royalty for years, and it’s easy to hear why: Newton’s musical responsiveness is as impressive as his re-harmonization and arranging skills at the piano.
Fittingly, Newton has been voted 'Best Jazz Pianist' in the British Jazz Awards sixteen times and was made a Fellow of Leeds College of Music in 2003.
On this occasion we can enjoy his unique style in the intimate setting of a solo concert.

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Saturday October 16, 1:20pm

  • > Dave Newton - Piano
£10.00 regular
£8.00 members
£0.00 students