Robert Mitchell’s Epiphany 3

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It's easy to sniffy about the jazz press, what with its frequently heady predictions for certain artists and overinflated endorsements of passing fads, but in the case of pianist and composer Robert Mitchell a single quote taken from his many justifiably partisan reviews really does say it all. “Mitchell draws influence from many musical styles in his playing; jazz, latin, funk, blues, classical... all components that go towards making the pianist what he is; a truly original virtuoso.” Mike Gates of UK Vibe didn't just stop there. “Melodies are often pushed towards surprising destinations, versatile styles weave patterns of magic that enliven and delight, his controlled virtuosity singing songs within songs, portraying thoughts within thoughts and summoning light from dark, a rainbow of colour washing away grey clouds.”

This afternoon's gig showcases music from Mitchell's accolade-garnering album A Vigil For Justice and its follow-up EP Epiphany, both works of socio-political as well as musical profundity.

In fact, so grippingly contemporary is the pianist’s music that another critic has described it as “[a] quest for an optimistic solution to troubling events”. For anyone curious about what the future of post-millennial jazz may sound like, Epiphany Three make an intriguing listen.
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Saturday October 6, 4:00pm

  • > Robert Mitchell - Piano
  • > Tom Mason - Double Bass
  • > Saleem Raman - Drums