Oxley/Meier Guitar Project in the Bar

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FREE ADMISSION. 'When it comes to empathy this duet of guitar virtuosi comes close to perfection'.
Dave Gelly, The Guardian

Clocking up concerts numbering in their hundreds, and spread across both the UK and continental Europe, the Oxley/Meier Project goes from strength to strength. Critically acclaimed albums, including Chasing Tales and The Colours of Time document their partnership to date but to really experience where the duo can take their music they needed to be experienced live. And it's in this setting that the effectiveness of their combined approaches truly comes into its own. In the hands of others, a duo may be little more than a budget-lined band, reducing music to an exercise in financial compromise, but the Oxley/Meier alliance creates a whole soundscape in which the listener is unlikely to feel short-changed. And they cover some remarkably far flung geographic ground, with suggestions of ethnic folk music nudging up to distinctly urban modern day techniques. Impossible to pigeon-hole but shot through with the improvisatory lifeblood of jazz, this is a group sure to delight those who like their music without walls.

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Sunday September 29, 2:15pm

  • > Pete Oxley - Guitar
  • > Nicolas Meier - Guitar