Leon Greening Trio in the Bar

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FREE ADMISSION. 'Leon Greening stands in the ranks of the greatest'.
Review of Leon Greening Trio, Jazz in Reading

Leon Greening in full flight (and when is he not?) is truly a sight to behold: head held at a right angle to the piano keyboard, bobbing furiously as if connected to his hands by an invisible thread of elastic, a lick of black hair falling from his forehead just as Horace Silver's used to back in the day; those knitting-needles of fingers, doing impossibly agile things at lightning speeds.
Greening is an unreconstructed bebopper, and he makes no bones about the fact. And he's Hard Core: nobody, it seems, could dig deeper into the back pages of piano bop than him. Compositions by Bobby Timmons, Wynton Kelly, Cedar Walton, Barry Harris and Victor Feldman are all grist to his mill, each dispatched with his signature energy.
Add in the dream team of bassist Adam King and drummer Steve Brown and you've got the A-Team of British Bop.

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Saturday September 28, 11:00pm

  • > Leon Greening - Piano
  • > Adam King - Double Bass
  • > Steve Brown - Drums