Ronnie's Remembered

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Another historical 60th anniversary this year is the opening of Ronnie Scott's Club in Soho in late 1959. The following highly successful decades at the club almost put Ronnie's own group in the shadows but to celebrate the club and Ronnie, we have included an ensemble of ex alumni of Scott's groups. Drummer Spike Wells was a member in 1970 and the rest joined him in the 80s onwards. Pianist Rob Barron is the only musician not closely affiliated to Ronnie. It was the Ronnie's late pianist John Critchinson who formed the tribute band "Ronnie Remembered" after Scott's death so we've renamed the group in memory of John as well as Ronnie and the club.

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Saturday September 28, 7:00pm

  • > Dick Pearce - Trumpet
  • > Mornington Lockett - Tenor Saxophone
  • > Rob Barron - Piano
  • > Andrew Cleyndert - Double Bass
  • > Spike Wells - Drums
£12.00 regular
£10.00 members
£10.00 students