Art Themen's New Directions Quartet

Large art themen quartet

Herts Jazz’s Patron, tenor and soprano saxophone giant Art Themen, has been an imposing presence on the UK jazz scene for over five decades, although both to see and hear him you might not guess it. Accompanying his sprightly, enthusiastic demeanour, he brings to his music an energy that is truly ageless. Indeed, whereas other veteran jazzmen grow into play-safe and risk-free pastiches of their younger selves, the septuagenarian Themen seems, if anything, even more wilful and daring than ever. Witness his New Directions Quartet, not simply a handy title appended to a group of regular musical accomplices but more akin to a mission statement about where he and his band like to take whatever theme they choose to play.

“A fresh though accessible examination of this music” says the label copy on Art's latest CD release The Tour Continues..., a description which could apply equally to what you'll hear on today's gig, a programme promising not only playful re-imaginings of jazz standards but also compositional input from his dream-team rhythm section of Williams, Somogyi and Clifford.

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Saturday October 6, 11:30am

  • > Art Themen - Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
  • > Arnie Somogyi - Double Bass
  • > Gareth Williams - Piano
  • > Winston Clifford - Drums