Jean Toussaint's Young Lions Quintet

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How fitting it is that Toussaint, a 1980s-vintage graduate from one of the finest on-the-road jazz academies of all - Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers – should perpetuate the lessons learned from his old boss by taking his own band of young bloods out on the circuit. Bandleading is just one of the saxophonist’s many skills, and ever since he settled in London thirty years ago, he's been a keen supporter of rising talent – be it the Jazz Warriors generation of Julian Joseph, Steve Williamson and co. or the new faces he's showcasing on this gig. That Toussaint acts as catalyst to others is not surprising: he's a hugely commanding performer, a saxophonist whose distinctive voice mixes elements from the Rollins/Coltrane lineage with a hard-clipped delivery all its own. He's also a figure of dyed-in-the-wool integrity, sounding like a genuine link in the chain of authentic, uncompromising Hard Bop giants that stretches back to his predecessors with Blakey. His composing is likewise full of nods and winks to the great era of Shorter, Timmons, Golson and Mobley, albeit with a twist of post-bop funkiness for good measure. This new line-up has been generating a lot of talk on the jazz underground – tonight will surely win them a host of new fans.

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Sunday October 7, 5:15pm

  • > Jean Toussaint - Tenor Saxophone
  • > Mark Kavuma - Trumpet
  • > Ashley Henry - Piano
  • > Daniel Casimir - Double Bass
  • > Ben Brown - Drums