Gareth Lockrane's Grooveyard

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Every so often a musician comes along to renegotiate the potential of their chosen instrument, as well as wake up those who'd been asleep as to its validity within the music. And so it was when Gareth Lockrane emerged a few years ago to astound the jazz scene with his flute-playing artistry. For too long regarded as merely a “double” for saxophonists or, worse still, as a weak and inconsequential vehicle for jazz improvisation, the flute hadn't had a big champion in years but in Lockrane it got that and much, much more. Master of the entire family of instruments (hearing him play the unforgiving alto variant with the dexterity and power of a saxophone is enough to make many flute dabblers weep in envy), he's also a distinctive composer, leader of one of the UK's finest big bands and, as on today's gig, head man in Grooveyard, a regular line-up which features a hand-in-glove front line partnership between the leader, Garnett and Outram.

If such a thing as instrumental prejudice still exists in this age of ever expanding jazz textures, then Lockrane's virtuoso playing is a sure-fire way to dispel it once and for all.
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Sunday October 7, 3:30pm

  • > Gareth Lockrane - Flute
  • > Alex Garnett - Tenor Saxophone
  • > Mike Outram - Guitar
  • > Ross Stanley - Piano
  • > Dave Whitford - Double Bass
  • > Tim Giles - Drums