A Tribute to Jazz at the Philharmonic

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The first gig of any jazz festival is always something of a scene-setter and it's difficult to imagine a better curtain-raiser for this year than this celebration of what ultimately makes jazz – no-limits swing.

A few years ago one-man jazz dynamo Pete Long decided it was high time someone recaptured the sweat-dripping, no-holds-barred excitement of the on-stage jam sessions that were Jazz at The Philharmonic. Brainchild of impresario Norman Granz, from mid-1940s to the late 1950s, these JATP packages played to packed houses across the globe, the centrepiece of each presentation always being a multi-horn showdown in which stylistic bias went out the window and musicians from the schools of bop, cool and swing got together to dig in on standards and the blues. Tonight's UK-JATP finds another disparate cast-list united to address the timely business of swinging. Alongside the individual contributions of the solo horns, there's a rhythm section to die for – the whole being tied together with Long's signature anarchic wit. As an opener for the Herts Jazz Festival's first day there can be no more exciting (or fun) musical experience.

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Friday October 5, 8:00pm

  • > Simon Spillett - Tenor Saxophone
  • > Art Themen - Tenor Saxophone
  • > Pete Long - Clarinet
  • > Dean Masser - Reeds
  • > Sam Mayne - Reeds
  • > Steve Waterman - Trumpet
  • > George Hogg - Trumpet
  • > Mark Armstrong - Trumpet
  • > James Davison - Trumpet
  • > Callum Au - Trombone
  • > Ian Bateman - Trombone
  • > Harry Sanke - Guitar
  • > Nick Dawson - Piano
  • > Steve Rose - Double Bass
  • > Clark Tracey - Drums